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Real time asset monitoring

Touchwork – established in 2003 focusing on customer service measurement using SMS and web – recently launched a service, designed in South Africa, to monitor various sensors using cellular technology. ...

Wear-and-tear free monitor for liquid media

Kobold Instrumentation, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – a Comtest Group company, has on offer their model NCW capacitive level monitors for liquid media, ensuring secure protection against overfilling or...

Infrastructure spend problem must be addressed to secure engineering profession

Confidence among engineering professionals that government is effectively delivering on its promised infrastructure spend has declined by two percentage points quarter-on-quarter - and a staggering 15 percentage points since the inception of the...

Responding to a depressed mining market

Since the beginning of 2014, the World Bank’s Metals and Minerals index has fallen 29% and the Precious Metals index 11%. South Africa’s weighted average basket of commodities has also...

Drought leading towards a provincial disaster in Western Cape

The Western Cape government is set to ask its national counterparts to classify a provincial disaster because of the ongoing drought plaguing the region. The move comes as looming water...


Substantial cost savings achieved as Konecranes upgrades old Wolff Crane

A 35 T/15 T Wolff Crane, that was installed in a local metal plant in 1989, was recently upgraded by Konecranes. The modernisation of...


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