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South African entrepreneurs are investing their way to UK citizenship

Sable’s UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Investment Programme marries many South African citizens’ desire for British citizenship with a solid return-generating investment in the UK. “The programme involves pairing an investor with a...

Air access high on Western Cape agenda

The addition of a seventh weekly flight direct from Cape Town to Addis Ababa is indicative of how popular – and crucial – air access to the rest of the continent...

Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture report submitted

The Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture Report will soon be tabled to Cabinet before being released publicly, the Presidency said on Tuesday. “This report is an important step forward in...

South African Investor buys more Zenith, Access Banks’ shares

Allan Gray Ltd., the largest manager of non-government investment funds in Africa, has increased its stake in Nigerian Zenith and Access banks. The South African investor, based in Cape Town,...

The app tackling Cape Town’s parking problem

Cape Town’s parking problem seems to be ever increasing. Now, a new local app has been designed to take on the daunting task of reducing the waiting line for the parking...


Bespoke switchgear compliments interior styles

Lumen8 design and manufacture beautiful bespoke switchgear to compliment interior styles. New designs and finishes are continuously being developed which aren’t available anywhere else...


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