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New code for surface miners

World-renowned surface mining industry association, ASPASA, has transformed the nature of the industry over the past two decades and plans to advance the industry still further with the mandatory introduction of...

Woolworths will invest R1-billion in prices to make its products ‘accessible’

Woolworths has announced that it will invest R1-billion in its prices over the next two to three years. This commitment is to make its products ‘more accessible to more customers’. The...

Geofencing solution to enhance crew safety in offshore mining

ORANGE Business Services, and De Beers Marine South Africa, have jointly installed and tested a customized IoT solution to provide geofencing to maintain safe working distances for crew around the heavy...

SA high-lift expertise for the Americas

A Canadian order for South African high-lift cranes suggests that word of local manufacturing expertise in this specialised field is spreading, with consulting engineers JDS Energy & Mining Inc of Vancouver...

Chemical pump sets high standards

SINCE its introduction more than two decades ago, KSB’s MegaCPK pump has changed the way chemical companies throughout the world pump dangerous and volatile materials. The proven standardised chemical pump to DIN...


Policies underline surface miners

Surface mining industry association, ASPASA, has underlined its commitment to maintaining world-class health, safety and environmental standards with the introduction of set policies for...