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What you need to know about rezoning residential property for business use

Should you buy or rent your business premises? According to the article, Business Owners Should Aim To Own Their Premises, the merits of ownership outweigh those of leasing, especially if you...

Construction commences on SKA road project

The NMC Construction Group’s civils division, NMC Civils, has commenced work on the construction of the access road to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) site. The scope of work comprises of...

Innovation and at the forefront of the gear and motor industry

Despite major challenges associated to underperforming commodity prices and volatile exchange rates, SEW-EURODRIVE continues to achieve measurable success, through its ability to proactively adjust to ongoing shifts and changes in the market. ...

Power crisis constrains SA growth, warns economist

South Africa's escalating electricity tariffs, energy insecurity and the "risk of widespread blackouts" are among the main factors restraining growth in the economy, Isaac Matshego, economist at Nedbank told members of...

CBD derived from dagga now legal

South Africa has just officially changed its legal rules on cannabidiol or CBD – a compound derived from cannabis which is known for having medicinal properties, such as treating muscle pain...


South African expertise for Chile Hydroelectric Plant

Chilean construction and energy concern Besalco has taken delivery of a South African manufactured hydroelectric turbine maintenance crane, tapping the experience of manufacturer Condra...


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