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11 awesome countries South Africans can visit visa-free in 2018

Arton Capital has released its latest Passport Index, with South Korea taking the lead with the world’s most powerful passport for the first time. The index is used by governments from around the world to...

Cape dam levels at 21.9 percent, despite two days of rain

Water levels in the dams supplying drought-stricken Cape Town have dropped to 21.9 percent, the city's deputy mayor said on Wednesday. Ian Nielson said dam levels fell by 0.3 percent...

‘Is Cape Town open for business?’ – Property forum after Foreshore project is cancelled

It is time for the development industry and the City of Cape Town to discuss seriously the structure of any future Requests for Proposals (RFP), and how procurement processes can be...

Aspen shares on the rise after deal news

Aspen Pharmacare's share price continued to rally on the JSE, gaining more than 4 percent yesterday morning as the market welcomed the pending sale of Africa’s largest drug manufacturer’s milk formula...

Construction on Africa’s tallest skyscraper starts

With the foundation stone laid by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, construction has begun on ‘The Pinnacle’ in Nairobi, Kenya, which at a height of 300m will be the tallest skyscraper in...


No existing DNA samples for over 46 000 sexual offenders

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has requested Police Minister, Bheki Cele, to table a Draft Criminal Law, which will allow DNA samples to be taken...

A WIN/WIN scenario

Xenophobic Violence


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