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Personal Protection Equipment & Clothing

Sisi Safety Wear launches first locally manufactured Metaguard safety footwear for women

Over the years, women have been making up a greater proportion of the workforce, and this includes sectors that have typically been male-dominated such as mining, manufacturing and construction. However, there...

Discover comfort, durability & reliable protection with Wayne’s superior quality gumboots

Wayne Safety has been Africa’s gumboot specialist for over 80 years. Since 1940, no other manufacturer has supplied more industrial and safety gumboots into the African market. Wayne Safety started manufacturing gumboots...

Procuring the right safety footwear is key to female workers’ comfort and wellbeing

Industries’ requirements for safety footwear and other Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) have historically been male dominated, but this trend is changing rapidly. More and more women are entering the workforce, including...

New material could better protect soldiers, athletes and motorists

SOLDIERS, athletes, and motorists could lead safer lives thanks to a new process that could lead to more efficient and re-useable protection from shock and impact, explosion, and vibration, according to...

Locally-manufactured PPE equipment for enhanced safety

CONCEPTAINER - specialists in the design and manufacture of packaging and material handling systems - has responded to the Government’s call for assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic and now supplies a...


New Cape Town initiative bolsters economic recovery

TO support local businesses across the board, from one-person SMMEs to corporates, a number of key public, private and NPO stakeholders are joining forces...


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