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So, is vaping good or bad? 10 years of scientific evidence

Multiple scientific studies show switching completely to vaping with high-quality products has reduced health risks* compared to smoking, contrary to many consumer beliefs Study data indicates that vaping products can...

There is no place like home – “Home Office Syndrome” – It’s a real...

The syndrome creates significant stress and uneasiness due to a blurring of boundaries between work and home life. An at-home “employee” is often never really working, never really relaxing—always constantly dividing...

Could a simple pill beat Covid-19? Pfizer is giving it a go

While the focus has been largely on vaccines, you might have also heard Pfizer is trialling a pill to treat Covid-19. It almost sounds too good to be true. Indeed, the results are very...


Quo Vadis? SA’s trillion-rand water infrastructure backlog

Virtual Event Round Table, Thursday 29 July 2pm-4pm This is the first of CBN’s series of three exclusive round table discussion addressing the critical...


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