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Explosion-proof and smart

KSB now offers smart monitoring solutions for pumps and other rotating equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Over the last two years, KSB has developed a wide range of solutions to ensure...

Rapid dewatering at Botswana open pit

RECENTLY a Sykes diesel driven pump set was used to rapidly dewater an open pit at an existing copper mine in northern Botswana. Using this high performance, high head pump set,...

New submersible pump for large particle handling

WEIR Minerals has launched the new Multiflo® Mudflo™ hydraulic submersible slurry pump. Engineered for abrasive applications and large particle handling, the Multiflo® Mudflo™ pump features a hydraulically driven wet-end specifically designed to efficiently and safely...

In-field valve positioner checks using a handheld ProcessMeter

VALVES, the actuators that move them, and the electronic circuits that control them, are all subject to the effects of aging soon after they are installed. The valve seat wears not...

Selecting the right pumping solution

A poorly designed pump system can lead to high consumption of power and premature wear or failure of components in the system, as this is not isolated to the pump itself...


In the years ahead, what is your ambition for your business?

Making the most out of your economic prime, needs focused attention and action. With this in mind, what is your medium or long-term ambition for...


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