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Recycling & Waste Management

Enabling expansion with Werner pumps recycling units

Werner Pumps has been supplying high-pressure jetting equipment for more than three decades and in 2019 added water recycling units to its range, which are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with existing...

Tackling the Hennops River crisis, one refuse bag at a time

IF you’ve ever been hiking along the Hennops River trail situated between Johannesburg and Pretoria, you’ve likely had your picturesque outdoor adventure somewhat ruined by riverbanks littered with plastic bags, bottles...

Possible solutions for hard-to-recycle plastics

IN the United States, less than 9% of plastic waste is recycled. Instead, more than 75% of plastics waste ends up in landfills and up to 16% is burned, a process that releases...

EWASA’s war on electronic waste

THE widely accepted international definition of e-waste is “anything that runs on electricity”. Therefore, e-waste (electronic & electrical waste) includes computers, entertainment electronics, mobile phones, household appliances and less obvious items...

Register with the right PRO before 5 November

TAKING practical or financial responsibility for the disposal of one’s products is no longer a nice-to-have or a tick-box exercise. Extended producer responsibility (EPR) by producers and importers in the electrical,...


New Cape Town initiative bolsters economic recovery

TO support local businesses across the board, from one-person SMMEs to corporates, a number of key public, private and NPO stakeholders are joining forces...


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