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JSE Superhero – Capitec

The global financial crisis is an unlikely catalyst for business growth, particularly for a bank. However, Capitec’s emergence as a serious player in the South African market had a lot to...

Planning to sell?

If you are considering selling your business how do you maximise the return on your ‘sweat and tears’ and financial investment over the years? “There are very important decisions a business owner...

Medupi produces its first power

First power was produced out of the Medupi power station’s Unit 6 on Monday, said Eskom. “Eskom is pleased to announce that first power was produced out of Medupi’s Unit...

A step ahead with Inkwazi Video Tracking

A vehicle picks up unwanted passengers from alongside the road, fuel is illegally siphoned from a vehicle, transported goods arrive at the destination damaged or missing, a vehicle is involved in...

WhatsApp under fire after failing to delete chat history on recycled phone number

A security issue has reportedly been spotted on WhatsApp that could provide full access to your conversations when creating a new account for a new phone number. According to a report by Softpedia...


Beijing moves to welcome foreign investment

As much as China is a major investor outside its borders, the country still wants your money. Parallel to the large-scale infrastructure development that China...


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