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Heat recovery from sewage offers low-carbon energy from waste

HEAT derived from treated sewage water could be used to heat a housing estate in a first for the UK. Using excess heat recovered from water treatment plant discharge, some 2...

Reducing consumption by using water efficiency in all required processes

With the steady growth in global population and the worldwide impact of climate change, there is a rise in demand for the essential and vital natural resource, water. To meet this...

Resolving SA’s water crisis: Be part of the solution

IT is often said that the next world war will be fought over water. The United Nations, scientists, and governments the world over have been trying to raise awareness over the...

Maintenance slashed from 90 minutes to just 5 at effluent treatment plant

QDOS peristaltic pump technology from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, is delivering a significant reduction in maintenance time - from 1.5 hours to just 5 minutes - at the local authority effluent...

Desalination must be part of South Africa’s water supply solution

SOUTH Africa is facing a deepening water crisis. The 2030 Water Resources Group predicts that based on our burgeoning population, economic growth forecasts and current water use efficiency, the country’s demand for...


Quo Vadis? SA’s trillion-rand water infrastructure backlog

Virtual Event Round Table, Thursday 29 July 2pm-4pm This is the first of CBN’s series of three exclusive round table discussion addressing the critical...


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