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WC considered risky to invest in – doesn’t stop investors

Business Day reported that data released by Bank of America Merrill Lynch suggest SA is one of the riskiest places in the world to invest, yet figures from the Western Cape...

Land expropriation will hit blacks more

All the progress made since Apartheid ended stands to be undone unless people recognise that a most fundamental human right is for people to have the ability to own and control...

The pressing affairs of the day

“The world is a dangerous place,” mused Luke the Dude. Trust him to ruin the general feeling of bonhomie and the peace we had with the world at large. As is...

Manufacturing data confirms expectations of gradual narrowing current account deficit

As had been broadly anticipated based on May’s R18.7bn trade surplus as well as recent upbeat PMI numbers, May manufacturing data registered a 4% y/y increase, the best growth level since...

Tough times, but SA wine industry is tougher

The South African wine industry is going through some tough times, but sustainable growth is on the cards. What’s needed is a clear game plan, a stronger domestic market focus, ingenious marketing...


Substantial cost savings achieved as Konecranes upgrades old Wolff Crane

A 35 T/15 T Wolff Crane, that was installed in a local metal plant in 1989, was recently upgraded by Konecranes. The modernisation of...


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