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Sunday, August 25, 2019





WC considered risky to invest in – doesn’t stop investors

Business Day reported that data released by Bank of America Merrill Lynch suggest SA is one of the riskiest places in the world to invest, yet figures from the Western Cape...

How to make automation safer

One of the most significant trends driving automation relates to machinery safety and how the integration of technologies is key to advances in this area. Russell Schwulst, Festo Business Manager, provides...

Opinion: Time for a happy ending

Ho ho ho, it is the season of goodwill, joy and Christmas lunches and I want to say something nice. I really do. But I also don't want to lie. And...

Opinion: Blame it on Jan Van Riebeeck

You know, it’s not easy being a South African columnist these days, now that the end is nigh and every intelligent South African agrees that President Zuma cannot run a spaza...


Rainy weather on its way to Cape Town

After a week without rain, the Mother City will once again welcome rainy weather this weekend and hopefully with it, fuller dams. Those spending...


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