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Power Solutions & Energy Efficiency

Festo South Africa

Festo is a leading global supplier of Pneumatic, Electric and Process Automation solutions for Industrial Applications. Furthermore, we offer Industrial training and consulting solutions through Festo Didactic, a global leader in basic and further...


“At Resurgent Energy, we’re excited to work jointly with our customers and partners to shape their sustainability journey ahead. “ Resurgent Energy is the trusted name in Solar Logistics in South Africa.  The Company was...

Blair Hammond & Associates

Blair Hammond & Associates specializes in LED lighting technology workshops for professionals such as architects, interior architects and designers, project managers, large corporates such as major national and multi-national retailers and corporate clients –...

The Energy Saving Association

The ESA is an association of organisations, companies and individuals who believe that the two keys to a sustainable energy economy are energy efficiency and renewable energy - in that order. We prioritise energy efficiency...

Holistic Energy

Holistic Energy is based in Cape Town and offers a unique range of Energy Saving Products & Solutions that could save you up to 40% of your energy costs. Please feel free to browse our Case Studies and Testimonials for examples...
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