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Power Solutions & Energy Efficiency

Blair Hammond & Associates

Blair Hammond & Associates specializes in LED lighting technology workshops for professionals such as architects, interior architects and designers, project managers, large corporates such as major national and multi-national retailers and corporate clients –...

The Energy Saving Association

The ESA is an association of organisations, companies and individuals who believe that the two keys to a sustainable energy economy are energy efficiency and renewable energy - in that order. We prioritise energy efficiency...

Holistic Energy

Holistic Energy is based in Cape Town and offers a unique range of Energy Saving Products & Solutions that could save you up to 40% of your energy costs. Please feel free to browse our Case Studies and Testimonials for examples...

Broadcrown SA (Pty) Ltd

Broadcrown SA (Pty) Limited is part of the worldwide Broadcrown group, a leading independent manufacturer of power generators and generation systems from 6kVA through to +30MVA. Trusted around the world to deliver a wide range...

Remote Metering Solution

RMS is a multi-level organisation, focused solely on the Utilities and Energy Management Environment but also expanding into the Revenue Management sector. RMS has been active in the Utility Management industry for the past 7...

Plastic brick invention to launch in Cape Town

A new invention created by Donald Thompson, the CEO of The Center of Regenerative Design and Collaboration (CRDC) can turn any plastic (clean or...
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