African Utility Week to gather renewable experts


The recent announcement from the Department of Energy that it has approved 13 new renewable IPP bids “signals the strong commitment of the South African government to continue renewable energy deployment.” This is according to Sliman Abu Amara, Area Manager Africa, DNV GL – Energy.

“We encourage the whole sector to anticipate these developments and continue helping South Africa to stabilise its energy sector and solve the load shedding problems.”

In South Africa alone, DNV GL has been involved in nine wind projects (including Dorper and Gouda Wind Farms), and one solar project. In Kenya, DNV GL is the engineering partner in the 300MW Lake Turkana project, which will be the single largest wind park in sub-Saharan Africa.

At the upcoming African Utility Week from 12-14 May in Cape Town, the continent’s big renewable energy project managers, investors and technology providers will gather in Cape Town as part of the largest utility conference and expo in Africa. DNV GL is the exclusive diamond sponsor at the event.

“We have noticed a lot of things happening in the African market, in South Africa, in sub-Saharan Africa and in Northern Africa,” says DNV GL’s Abu Amara. “The African market is ready for the penetration of larger scale renewable energy on the continent.”

Strong solar deployment expected

“Everybody always smiles when you talk about solar in Africa” says Abu Amara, “the continent has abundant sunshine so solar is its most logical choice. There are several projects starting, with South Africa again leading the market. Morocco has developed a few projects and so has Egypt, Other countries are following suit but unfortunately it is still going too slow. And that is despite the fact that during the last decade, solar has become much cheaper.”

Abu Amara notes that “for African utilities to continue attracting investments in solar, they have to solve issues related to grid integration. In 2020, we will see very strong deployment of solar technologies in Africa, like never before.”