Engineering movers and shakers to convene at Civilution Congress 2016

Manglin Pillay, CEO of SAICE.

The second Civilution Congress will be taking place from 9 – 10 May 2016 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, giving engineers of all disciplines the opportunity to conduct business differently.

Civilution calls upon engineers to become history makers in bringing about transformation, diversity, leadership and evolution in the built environment sector – whilst improving the quality of life through efficient delivery of social and economic infrastructure.

This years’ programme has been put together by an elite panel of industry leaders.  Boasting topics such as “Attracting viable and sustainable implementation of engineering and infrastructure delivery in South Africa,” as well as “Infrastructure procurement and delivery management.”

The event promises to pave the way for technical and intellectual revolution in order to achieve the development imperatives of modern South Africa.

“Civilution encapsulates the tenets of a cause and it defines an era during which engineers resolutely reinstate technical, intellectual and strategic leadership.  It is an era of engineers in revolution where we abandon pessimism and distrust, and regenerate ourselves to become a creative and intelligent part of the solution again,” says Manglin Pillay, CEO of SAICE.

We encourage all sectors to be involved in this engineering revolution.

Registration is open. For more information visit –