First civilian drone approved for BVLOS operations in Africa on show in Cape Town

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A showcase of the first civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the world to be approved for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations—The DT18 at Oil & Gas Africa between July 11 to 13 at Cape Town ICC at Hall 2 Stand B21. The drone has flown more than 150,000 km across the world and can carry high resolution RGB and multispectral sensors.

Delair-Tech will also be participating at the show conference on the second day of the show, July 12 demonstrating further understanding of drones and data analysis process. 

Delair-Tech specialises in drone manufacturing and aerial data processing, and offers end-to-end solutions from data acquisition to operational analysis.

The company offers a wide range of UAV products, weighing from 2kg to 17kg, capable of carrying different types of payloads including cameras, multispectral sensors, thermal video cameras, lidar to mention a few.

All the UAV products share common criteria:

  • Data quality: Real time control & expert modes.
  • Quick ROI: Endurance, performance and overall operational efficiency.
  • Airworthinessand safety
  • Field-proven: Tough, reliable and easy to use industrial-grade tools.
  • Interoperability: One ground control station can control all our different drones.

Delair-Tech is represented in more than 80 countries offering solutions to various industrial sectors including agriculture & forestry, security and defence, geospatial, power and utilities, oil and gas, emergency, railways and roads, and mines ∧quarries.

“Oil & Gas Africa 2017 is a strong opportunity to meet main actors of Oil & Gas industry and to understand how Africa is the future growth market, said Caroline SY, the Communications and Event Manager of Delair-Tech.

“At Oil & Gas we want show visitors how UAV’s can increase business.”

The company is headquartered in Toulouse (France) with offices in Ghent (Belgium), Sydney (Australia) and Los Angeles (USA).