2019 PETCO Awards – Waste Reduction Youth Warrior: Rotondwa Musitha, Trash Converters

This category recognises the role of youth in driving positive recycling behaviour and contributing to the awareness and understanding amongst South African consumers of issues pertaining to waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

Rotondwa Musitha (24) is a young, vibrant, hardworking individual, who makes a difference to the environment and the country that she resides in.

Rotondwa works on foot and collects approx 8-11 tonnes per month. She currently has 3 employees, 2 are female and 1 male.

She works with a number of local businesses including Touch Rugby LTT, Mr Price, Foschini, PEP, PEP Home, Rumours, Bushvalley Lodge, White Horse to name a few.

She also works with schools such as Soutpansberg Primary School, Tshilwavhusiku Junior Prinary School, Tshilwavhusiku Senior Primary School, Madombidzha Primary School.

Rotondwa is creating a culture of recycling and motivating people in the community to see the importance of sorting and recycling their waste before it reaches the landfills.