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4th SABIA National Biogas Conference

The Southern African Biogas Industry Association (SABIA) National Biogas Conference will convene at the  Agricultural Research Council (ARC), Hatfield, Pretoria from 14-16

August 2019. We are expecting 140 delegates from 18 different countries.

The conference will focus on the current state of the  biogas industry in South Africa and how to create a more attractive market. Biogas forms part  of  the  solution in resolving existing environmental problems through the production of green energy or biomethane and contributes significantly to green energy production. This reduces greenhouse gas   emissions and   assists in  achieving the   goals set   by  the   Paris Agreement – to limit the  global  temperature increase well  below 2 degrees Celsius. The Paris Agreement was ratified by the South African government in 2015.

The  Paris  Agreement is also  an  important tool  in mobilising finance, technological support and capacity building for developing countries, and will help to scale up global efforts to address and minimise loss and  damage from climate change and increase climate resilience. The development of the  biogas industry forms part  of the solution to achieve these goals,  as well as creating many benefits in the form of environmental protection, production of green energy, job creation and capacity building.

The conference wishes to achieve the following commitments from attending governmental departments and private sector:

  • Commitment from DEFF and  DST to further support SABIA  in unlocking the biogas sector.
  • Commitment from DEFF to implement a ban on organic material to landfills  in major cities, according to specific dates and targets.
  • Further discussions and interactions with government, financial institutions and stakeholders to  build   relationships and   set   the   tone to build   channels of communication moving forward.

The  Conference will  feature speakers from South African government and  biogas experts from around the  world, with  a keynote address from the  ministry of  the Department of Energy (DOE).


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