7 Events Africa to host their first Cyber Security Summit in Cape Town

Cyber Cerebral South Africa

In June 2018 South Africa was reported to have the third highest number of cyber- crime victims worldwide, with industry losing in excess of R2.2 billion each year to cyber-attacks. Identity Theft, Phishing and Ransomware are common attacks, with crypto currency being the new under lip conversation attack now.

7 Events Africa has identified South Africa as the perfect opportunity for the launch of the Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit (CCSAS) to address Cyber Security issues and provide possible solutions to protecting critical and sensitive data.

They have brought forward an idea which could be conceptualized into a plan of action with state buy-in, CCSA) ensures the buyers and sellers are placed in an appropriate environment to remain solution driven through a premier selection of delegates.

It has become prohibitive for the public and private sectors to adopt complex cyber security frameworks and A.I solutions.   This is a call for South African government, consultants, and academia to find practical ways to address the country’s cyber security challenges.

Captains of Industry such as: Jacqueline Fick, Simphiwe Mayisela, Abdul Kader Baba and Maria Pienaar aim to bring forward and promote a permanent solution which could be enforced as a common solution for all, tackling topics to the likes of Digital Citizenship, Smarter with Cyber & Digital Identity.

Attending delegates will see an impactful display of exhilarating debates and cut throat discussions of South Africa’s Cyber sphere.

  • To find out more about attending this summit please contact Danyal Zaal. Director at 7 Events Africa – Mobile 078 640 2701: Email d.zaal@7eventsafrica.co.za