A WIN/WIN scenario

RedLine Property Group Source: Google Images

Being a relatively small new comer to the commercial property market Redline Property Group’s (RPG) aim in most of its dealings is to achieve a WIN/WIN deal, meaning a happy tenant a happy landlord and a happy agent.

This was achieved recently when the company was approached by senior management of Gemini Solutions to source additional space for their business in Century City, which involved a meeting at their current premises where their exact requirements were analysed.

They were leasing 750 m2, the lease was due to expire and they needed an additional 500 m2, ideally premises of 1 250 – 1 500 m2.

After exploring various options and taking the cost of moving into consideration RPG approached their current office neighbour – SA Rail Solutions.

Much negotiating ensued and after an analyses of SA Rail current space requirements (of which they were renting 500 m2) RPG were able to prove that they only needed 250 m2.

Negotiations led to get Gemini Solutions agreeing to fund their neighbour’s relocation costs and leasing their office space. RPG was able to release SA Rail Solutions of their lease commitments.

Furthermore RPG was able to source suitable 250 m2 AA grade offices for SA Rail and negotiate a long term lease between themselves and Assett Matrix , relocating their entire office, signage, phones and computer system as well as halving their monthly rent!

Redline were then able to negotiate an amicable long term lease between Gemini Solutions and Growthpoint Properties.

To illustrate the WIN/WIN solution:

  • Gemini Solutions – it enabled them to increase their floor space to 1 250m2 as well as saved them almost R500 000 (the cost and inconvenience of a move )
  • Growthpoint – as they retained a good tenant
  • SA Rail – they halved their monthly rent
  • Asset Matrix were extremely pleased as they gained an excellent tenant

Redline Commercial were extremely pleased to negotiate a successful deal, earning commission from both Growthpoint and Assett Matrix!