Adcock Ingram wins nearly R2bn of state’s three-year anti-retroviral tender

Adcock-Ingram Source: Google Images

Pharmaceutical company Adcock Ingram says it has been awarded a 12 percent share of the government’s national anti-retroviral (ARV) tender announced last week, equating to approximately R1.8 billion to supply drugs to state-run hospitals over three years.

Adcock Ingram’s share of the tender award includes 11 percent or 16.8 million packs of the 147 million packs of DLT requested in the tender, 2.8 million packs of other oral solid dosage products and 2.7 million bottles of oral solutions.

“We are proud to be a leading South African manufacturer, which has been recognised as a partner of the state in the national fight against HIV and AIDS,” it said.

“The tender award reflects positively on our manufacturing capability, breadth of our product offering and our historical service delivery levels.”

The company said its investment into the oral solid dosage facility in Wadeville had increased its ability to manufacture and supply antiretroviral medicines to the public sector through the tender system and also meet the needs of the private healthcare market.