Aerial photos to help locate unregistered solar panels

Solar panels Source: Google Images

As the period to register solar panels comes to an end, the City plans to use aerial photographs from next month onward to locate unregistered rooftop solar panel systems.

The City has previously announced that residents who make use of solar PV panel systems are required to register them with the City in order to ensure they are correctly installed and up to safety standards.

Along with the use of aerial photographs, the City will also conduct inspections and billing analysis to find unregistered rooftop solar panel systems.

Those who have failed to register a solar PV panel system will face consequences, including being disconnected from the public electricity grid and a fee of R6 425.90.

A total of 1 200 solar panel systems have been officially registered with the city, and the registration deadline is Friday May 31.

No charge for registration

The City will not charge for the registration of solar PV systems. The R6 425,90 service fee for the removal of unauthorised small-scale embedded generation will only be applied in cases where residents fail to register their system with the City by 31 May 2019. Residents should note, however, that there may be costs associated with ensuring that the system is either compliant or off-grid.

Owners of solar-powered geysers and emergency equipment such as standby generators are not required to register these.

Those who missed their chance may face repercussions in the near future, if you’re a last-minute kind of person details for registration are below.

Registration forms