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The rising unemployment rate due to the coronavirus pandemic paints a bleak picture for job seekers and school leavers nationwide.

According to Statistics South Africa’s latest figures, almost one in three South Africans does not currently work. Economists believe that this figure will rise even higher, as South Africa moves into a third wave of infections.

The reality is that we can not rely on the government to create sustainable jobs nationwide and that it is self-employed entrepreneurs who are the light at the end of the dark tunnel

“We had to do something,” says Dr. Willie Cilliers, executive director of the AHi.

The AHi has been helping entrepreneurs in South Africa for almost eight decades – with everything from registering a business to growing and financing a business.

“With the unemployment rate in mind, we have joined forces to create a mobile-friendly, functional website that benefits every person – no matter where you are on the business spectrum.

“For prospective entrepreneurs, we provide the necessary training to ensure that they can take the next step in starting their own business,” says Dr. Willie.

“We also help self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their business and equip them with the necessary information and training.”

“We also help business associations and business chambers with member recruitment and give job seekers the opportunity to upload their CVs to our portal.

“Furthermore, business owners can exchange benefits with each other and we invite them to a series of networking events and online seminars.

Marice Mercuur was named the AHi’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019. Since then, she has expanded her Rooibos product range that is currently available in numerous stores nationwide.

“You can join in 5 minutes,” Cilliers says. “All you have to do is visit www.myahi.co.za and sign up for a value package.”

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