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Alcohol advertising laws may change drastically

The Communications and Digital Technologies Department recently published its Audio and Audiovisual Content Services (AACS) white paper, and this may drastically change the way in which alcohol is marketed in South Africa.

The white paper proposes that there be stricter control on where alcohol is promoted and advertised. There are three sub-categories mentioned in the publication, and 11 noteworthy changes, which include:

Where alcohol will be allowed to be promoted: 

– No alcohol may be advertised within 100 metres of a school

– No alcohol may be advertised in cinemas, theatres or movies

– Promotion of alcohol may be pulled from social media

– Print media and distribution of leaflets may also be banned

Advertising rules for those under the age of 21 years old

– Adverts showing individuals under the age of 21 consuming alcohol may be outlawed

– The proposals may ban any promotional content that leads to “false or misleading claims”

– If advertisers target those between the ages of 18 and 21, there may need to be special icons or images used to indicate this

Alcohol adverts may fall under “ministerial control”

– The Department of Communications may have the power to decide on appropriate time slots for alcohol advertising

– Liquor companies may also have to explain the harmful effects of their products

– The relevant government officials may also decide whether a company and its delivery vehicles may carry alcohol branding

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