Anti-boredom activities for work


We all know the feeling: you’re at the office, the emails are piling up, and you can’t seem to focus on anything work-related. The day just doesn’t seem to end!

It happens to all of us. Feeling bored at work is normal – it doesn’t mean you don’t have anything productive to do. It actually means that you need a break from your usual routine.

While you’re taking a break, there are a slew of things you can do to inject a bit of life into your workplace schedule.

Learn a new language

Kuzobamnandi! South Africa has 11 official languages, and many of us are not as fluent as we should be in a few of them. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and learn a language you aren’t fluent in. It will come in handy when you’re travelling to a town where the language is spoken, or when you’re having a conversation with colleagues who speak a different language. You could also start a group at work and encourage your colleagues to teach each other their languages.

Watch an inspirational video

TED talks are a great way to unwind while doing something useful. And if you want  your superiors to see you making good use of your downtime, then this is the way to go! Watching inspirational online videos will take your mood from 0 to 100 and give you the boost you need to get through the rest of the day.

Go for a drive

Lunch breaks aren’t only meant for eating – they’re also a great time to unwind. Take a quick drive around your office block during your lunch break. Sometimes all you need is a bit of fresh air or a short trip while pumping and singing along to your favouritejam. Just make sure you have comprehensive car insurance while you’re on the road. You’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s protected in the unfortunate event of an accident. If you think your current premium is too high, apply for an insurance quote and get the best deal on your policy.

Do some stretches

If you’re confined to your desk all day, then you should know how stiff your neck and back can get after a few hours of work. Stand up and do a few simple stretches to improve circulation and relieve the tension in your body. Or go for a walk! Moving around often can also lower your risk of heart disease, lower back pain, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes – all of which can be caused by sitting all day.

Take a few minutes a day to refresh your mind with something completely unrelated to work is a great technique that helps you live your way and be happier at your nine-to-five.