Asset management and maintenance made easy


The importance of scheduled and regular machine maintenance in any processing or production company cannot be over-emphasised. Why most of production, maintenance or workshop managers subscribe to this credo for their personal assets like vehicles, but neglect the same best practice principles when it comes to production assets (plant and machinery), is a mystery!

As the success of a production facility depends on the reliability of productive assets, proper maintenance and care for the plant and machines would seem to be a no brainer.

The benefits of implementing proper systems for equipment and machinery care are:

  • Production reliability
  • Meeting of production targets
  • Less downtime caused by breakdowns
  • Scheduled/planned breaks in production
  • Planned and budgeted capex through management of equipment cycles.
  • Increased equipment life span.
  • Data keeping on equipment ensuring timeous sourcing and availability
  • Optimising huge investments in physical production assets
  • Spare parts management

Outsourcing this vital activity can be the answer and MachMan is an engineering company based in Cape Town that provides comprehensive maintenance services on a retainer basis. Its clients include well-known companies dominant in the food & beverage and packaging industries. Comprehensive workshop facilities and skilled technicians enable MachMan to rapidly manufacture parts and spares to solve client breakdown emergencies. An additional benefit is the success rate achieved in client audits when carried out by major retailers, where comprehensive maintenance programmes are in place with MachMan.

Employees responsible for plant maintenance are often distracted by the pressures of production schedules, break-downs and crisis management, making it too easy and tempting to postpone scheduled maintenance. Outsourcing to MachMan eliminates these types of situations by placing the responsibility in skilled hands, controlled by a strict programme schedule.

Client enquiries initiate the service, beginning with a detailed assessment by skilled technicians to enable accurate calculation of required maintenance frequency and duration on the plant and equipment. Recommendations are then made to enable companies to optimise production asset productivity and planning of maintenance schedules – convenient and without interrupting production – are done before the maintenance programme is implemented. Thereafter, regular feedback is given to the client and data collected on machinery and equipment is freely available to the client.

When production assets invariably reach the end of their lives, MachMan will assist in scheduled and budgeted capex that result in planned availability and timeous commissioning of replacement plant.