BEKA Schréder is excited to announce the launch of its new LED bulkhead


The QVAL is a decorative yet versatile, high-performance and reliable LED bulkhead which
outperforms all conventional wall mounted bulkhead luminaires by providing a bright and
long-lasting light for outdoor wall mounted applications.

The design ensures a discreet integration without compromising on performance. The QVAL
delivers a strong white light with a high colour rendering index to ensure perfect visibility and comfort at all times. The luminaire emits a pleasant light due to the highly efficient white reflector.

The indirect reflector design has been specifically developed to not only provide glare-free
lighting, but also a high-performing light distribution. Thanks to the QVAL's high optical performance and strong mechanical design, it can achieve substantial energy and
maintenance savings.

Key advantages of the QVAL include:

  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa, thus taking our continent’s harsh
    thermal and environmental conditions into account
  •  Marine grade high-pressure die-cast aluminium (EN 1706 AC-44300) housing
  • Easy installation with removable back plate to maintain the IP rating of the luminaire
  • High energy savings compared to systems with traditional discharge lamps
  • Robust yet discreet design to complement any environment
  • High visual comfort
  • White light with a high colour rendering index
  • Optional integrated movement or daylight sensor for further energy savingsThe QVAL is a versatile bulkhead, perfectly suited for decorative applications, such as
    shopping centres, commercial buildings and public buildings, but also for industrial
    applications, such as the exterior lighting of warehouses, industrial halls and loading bays.
  • For further enquiries, contact Grant Combrink at 011 238 0000 or