Big tank


ABECO Tanks have completed construction of its biggest tank in Africa. The tank – equivalent to two tennis courts in surface area – holds 5.8 million litres of water and together with a 3 million litre supplementary tank provides one of South Africa’s largest poultry producer’s with a total of 8.8 million litres of saved water.

A water bank is essential if this producer is to continue surviving the almost decade long drought and water insecurity issues in the North West Province.

Water security for chickens, especially laying hens, is extremely important as they are highly susceptible to any form of disturbance and can stop laying for up to two weeks because of a single disruptive incident in the water supply.

COO of Abeco, Mannie Ramos Jnr comments: “We are the only company in Southern Africa with the expertise to manufacture and install a tank of this size in the rapid timeframe provided. We had to connect the 5.8 million litre tank with the existing one, ensure it was water-tight, tested and safe, in a record-breaking 38 days versus 128 days it would normally take.”

Despite the tank’s colossal capacity, the modular design makes tanks of this nature easy to transport and easy to install. Through the marriage between careful design and premium material the tanks are 100% hygienic and safe for livestock consumption and are unaffected by UV rays thus preventing degradation over time.

They are also built to last using an internal bracing of angle iron welded to base plates, all sealants and rubber components are non-toxic and non-tainting to ensure the purity of the water and all steel components are hot dip galvanised to prevent corrosion.

Storing water for agricultural purposes is not a suggestion in the world of farming. It is a necessity. As water crises have shown us, the need to plan water consumption, track water saving and save for continuity of service is necessary as an effective ‘insurance plan’ against water interruption brought about by changing weather patterns, exploding populations and urban sprawl.

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