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BMG Kabelschlepp Cable Carrier Systems S/SX Series Extreme Applications

BMG’s extensive portfolio of Tsubaki Kabelschlepp cable carrier systems and safety cables includes S/SX steel cable carriers, which have been designed for carrying heavy mechanical loads in harsh environments, including corrosive conditions.

“The S/SX series comprises robust steel cable carriers, with a chain-link sandwich design, consisting of two plates welded together for high stability,” says Carlo Beukes, business unit manager, Power Transmission division, BMG. “This link design, with optimised geometry, allows contaminants found in harsh environments to fall through the system when the cable carrier is in motion. Dirt build-up, which normally causes blockages of the stroke system, is prevented to ensure continuous running operation.

“With conventional cable carrier systems, large amounts of foundry sand, corundum or scale, block the cable carrier’s stroke system, resulting in failure of the cable carriers and subsequent downtime.”

The design of the S/SX series allows for increased unsupported lengths and large additional loads without sagging, when perfectly sized to the application. The stroke system, with special bolts and locking rings, is designed for extended service life.

Plastic or steel dividers maintain neat cable separation and an aluminium cover system or covers with a steel strip, enhance cable protection.

This series is available from BMG with a galvanised finish or Stainless Steel construction, in different dimensions to suit exact requirements.

BMG’s Kabelschlepp range of cable carrier systems and safety cables – known for high productivity, minimal maintenance requirements and reduced downtime – extends from standard individual components to complete system solutions. These cable carrier systems are available in heavy-duty steel (S) and corrosion resistant stainless steel (SX) as well as in durable, lightweight plastic materials.

Applications for Kabelschlepp cable carriers extend from computer plotters and microsensitive test and measurement equipment, to rotating reclaimers, offshore drilling rigs and high-speed automated machining centers.

BMG supports this range with a technical advisory, installation and repair service throughout Southern Africa.

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