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Boiler and burner service during lockdown

COMBUSTION Technology (CT) is officially registered as an Essential Services Provider during the lock-down period.

Essential Services staff is on hand to support customers and any institution that needs assistance offering technical expertise as well as critical spare parts.

Critical industries served include healthcare, food production, livestock, oil, pharmaceutical and breweries.

Remote Boiler Monitoring & Management– How does it work?

Installations equipped with its Autoflame Management System, allow CT to log onto any site equipped with the technology and monitor a boiler running in real time – with up to 10 boilers connected per site.

All burner functions, fuel consumption vs steam generation, steam flow metering, fuel pressure sensor, water level control, ideal emissions (O2, CO2, CO) and many more parameters can be enabled and managed on a 24/7 basis.

The Autoflame Management System provides peace of mind when sites are unmanned during lockdown, providing:

  • Secure 24 h. connected control room with 24/7 monitoring.
  • A data transfer interface that collects & stores data of the systems operations and emissions.
  • Control of all burner and boiler functions to ensure continuous optimum levels of efficiency and operation,
  • Immediate alert notification of irregularities and any control issues.
  • Expert opinion & support on call 24/7

Service & Support

During this period of lockdown, service teams take all regulatory precautions while visiting sites including:

  • Social distancing – the 2 m rule.
  • Establishing with the customer the most appropriate times for service personnel to conduct safe work practices in vulnerable work environments.
  • Service personnel are fully equipped with protective clothing, including masks and gloves at all times.

Spare Parts

Abundant supplies of critical spare parts are always held in stock and during the lockdown period are available on a 24h /day basis.

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