Bonaqua launched SA’s first water bottle made entirely out of recycled plastic

Recycled Plastics bottles - Bonaqua Source: Google Images

Coca-Cola’s Bonaqua still water bottles will soon hit the shelves with a new green twist.  Bonaqua has launched a 100% green recyclable water bottle – made from your locally discarded plastic.  

The equivalent of one-and-a-half old Bonaqua plastic bottles goes into making the new 500ml rPET bottles.

The company says they’re able to do it at the same cost, which means no change in price for the consumer.

“The Bonaqua 500ml PET 100% rPET bottle is priced in line with our previous 500ml PET bottle. There is no price increase that is attached to this innovation. We are sourcing the highest quality recycled material to demonstrate what can be done and to grow our use of recycled material to stimulate further collection of bottles,” said a spokesperson from their research team.

The plastic is all sourced from South Africa and produced by one of the largest and most advanced recyclers of PET bottles on the African continent – Extrupet.

The company recycles over 2.5 million bottles a day.

This is a first for the South African market and forms part of The Coca-Cola Company’s ambitious global goal to create a world without waste – which aims to collect and recycle 100% of all the cans and bottles it produces by the year 2030.

According to Coca-Cola, the new plastic resin is good enough to meet their stringent food safety standards, so much so that it doesn’t compromise the quality of Bonaqua’s water and matches the same quality standards of a normal virgin PET bottle.

“It may look the same as any other beverage packaging, however, no new plastic has been used in the creation of the bottle,” said Luis Avellar, the General Manager SA Franchise, Coca-Cola Company.