Cape beach on high alert after shark spotting

Sharks Source: Google Images

A shark was spotted at a popular Cape Town beach on Wednesday, February 5 and a red flag has been raised in the area to warn swimmers to stay out of the water until further notice.

Swimmers at Kogel Bay beach were asked to leave the water at approximately 11.30am after a bronze whaler was spotted making its way up the coast, putting the beach on high alert.

The popular beach is based in the False Bay area, where ocean predators are often spotted near the caves in the region.

The number of shark spotting has increased as we head into the warmer month in the Mother City and locals are being advised to be aware of the various flags you come across on beaches.

A green flag means spotting conditions are good, a black flag means spotting condition are poor, a red flag means there is a high alert as a shark has recently been seen and a white flag means a shark was spotted nearby and swimmers need to leave the water immediately. A white flag is usually accompanied by a siren.

Residents are urged to be cautious when swimming in the False Bay area for the remainder of the day.