Cape dam levels increase to 98.2%

Water Source: Google Images

The dreary weather as of late has bolstered the City of Cape Town’s dam levels by 2.2%. The latest dam levels were published by the municipality on Monday, September 21.

The Berg River’s levels have dropped slightly from 100.5% to 100.3%, while the Streenbras Lower has increased from 99.9% to 101.0% in the past seven days. The Steenbras Upper has increased by o0.01%, from 99.3% to 99.4%.

The Theewaterkloof dam’s levels have increased by a substantial 2.5%, from 95.6% to 98.1%.

The City of Cape town’s overall dam levels as of September 21 (Source: City of Cape Town)

This week will have a number of partly cloudy days, but will be sunny on Tuesday [September 22] and Wednesday [September 23]. The weekend will be cool, with temperatures dipping to a low of 9°C .

Even if dams are full and the sluices are flowing, the prospect of Day Zero has scared residents so much that we celebrate any bit of rain.