Cape ice cream parlour named best in the world

Unframed Ice cream Source: Google Images

Cape Town is on a roll, scooping up yet another international accolade with Unframed Ice Cream parlour ranking in at the number one spot out of 50 ice cream cafés worldwide.

The list, compiled by Big 7 Travel, ranks some of the best places to get ice cream across the globe, and ranges from simple gelato to soft serve. Ranking what they call the “superstars” of the ice cream making world, the company lists a diverse selection of places to get your sweet treat fix.

Cape Town’s unique artisan ice cream maker, Unframed Ice Cream, ranked in first place for its ability to make healthy ice cream options from scratch in small sustainable batches.

Locals love Unframed Ice Cream for their one-of-a-kind flavours, including their vegan options which are no less delectable than the rest.

Some flavours loved by Capetonians include the “Blue Coconut” made with Blue Spirulina, the “Beetroot Chocolate Ginger” and the “Matcha”.

Unframed currently has two locations, one in the heart of the city on Kloof Street and another at the bustling V&A Waterfront food market.

The top 10 on the list are:

1. Unframed Ice Cream, Cape Town

2. Licc – York, United Kingdom

3. Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery – Toronto, Canada

4. FRYST – Stockholm, Sweden

5. Gelato Messina Circular Quay – Sydney, Australia

6. Churn – Phoenix, Arizona, USA

7. Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique – Singapore

8. Emilia Cremeria – Parma, Italy

9. Giapo – Auckland, New Zealand

10. Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy – Chico, California, USA