Cape Town car licence fees to increase

Car licence fees to increase Source: Google Images

The Western Cape Provincial Government has announced that it would like the public’s comment on its proposal to raise the fees of various car licences across the Cape for 2020. The draft regulation outlines the fees for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and caravans.

The increase is proposed at 4.5%, which is in line with inflation.

The money gathered from license fees is predominantly used to maintain the province’s roads, as well as the building of important road infrastructure.

According to the Provincial Government, the fees are also divvied up among municipalities for their maintenance of strategic roads. It will also use the fees to reduce the maintenance backlog, which has been decreased by 16% over the past seven years.

These are the proposed increases for the various licenses:

Vehicle registration fee 

Current: R220

Proposed: R240

Motorcycle licence fee

Current: R192

Proposed: R204

Car license fee (0-250 kg)

Current: R288

Proposed: R294

Car licence fee (251-500 kg)

Current: R300

Proposed: R312

Car licence fee (501-750 kg)

Current: R306

Proposed: R318

Car license fee (751-1000 kg)

Current: R336

Proposed: R348

Car licence fee (1001-1250 kg)

Current: R408

Proposed: R420

Car licence fee (1251-1500kg)

Current: R558

Proposed: R576

Car licence fee (1501-1750kg)

Current: R624

Proposed: R642

Car licence fee (1751-2000kg)

Current: R708

Proposed: R732

Car licence fee (2001-2250kg)

Current: R966

Proposed: R1 002

Trailer licence fee

Current: R108

Proposed: R114

Caravan licence fee

Current: R294

Proposed: R306

Specially classified motor vehicle licence fee

Current: R120

Proposed: R138

The Provincial Government said that any person may comment on proposed increases, and is requested to lodge the comments in writing before or on December 13, 2019. Your opinions can be submitted to