Cape Town ‘one of friendliest cities in the world’ and No 1 in Africa

Cape Town Source: Google Images

Global travel website Big 7 Travel has named Cape Town as one of the most friendly cities in the world for tourists.

The website surveyed its 1.5 million-strong social audience, specifically asking: “Where you would find the friendliest city in the world?”

At 14th position overall, Cape Town was the leading African city.

James Vos, Cape Town MMC for economic opportunities and asset management, said that being included on this list was “particularly special”.

“The natural beauty of our city is something we can take pride in, but we are only custodians of that beauty. However, to be known for our friendliness, something that is down to each person’s actions, is something I think each and every Capetonian should be proud of,” he said.

Cape Town Tourism CEO Enver Duminy added: “As a visitor walks through the streets of Cape Town, explores our national parks, enjoy our beaches, enjoys what our winelands create, they will undoubtedly enjoy the natural beauty of Cape Town. But what turns that enjoyment into a love for our city is what we as locals offer. Our warmth, passion, welcoming nature, our friendliness is the magic ingredient that keeps visitors coming back Cape Town year after year, after year.”

Big 7 Travel said of the Western Cape city: “Cape Town’s locals are full of life and warmth and instantly welcome visitors to the city. It’s a safe city for travellers (once you explore with some common sense!) with a diverse mix of locals and an exciting energy.

“Our readers scored it highly on first impressions, putting it firmly as one of the friendliest cities in the world.”