Capetonian feeds 500 homeless a week

Cooking Source: Google Images

Cape Town resident Pat Pillay has dedicated her time to helping those in need as a form of honouring her late husband, Rodney.

RPJ Helping Hands is a non-profit organisation that focusing on offering a loving service to all and aims to serve the hungry and needy as a way to honour loved ones come and gone.

When Pillay lost her husband to cancer after just two months of marriage she decided to put her grief and sadness to good use and spend her time serving those in need.

RPJ Helping Hands volunteers helping serve food to those in need.

It’s been three years since and now Pillay helps feed roughly 500 people twice a week on Thursday and Sunday with the help of kind volunteers who supply those in need in the Mother City with nutritious meals. The memory of her husband lives on through the organisation’s ethos

People who have joined her cause help cut vegetables, cook food and distribute them to homeless people in their area and every Sunday they serve a delightful vegetable biryani.

Serving meals has brought Pillay peace over the years and the charity named in honour of her husband has helped her push through hard times while helping others do the same.

Since its inception, RPJ Helping Hands has served more than 25 0000 meals and the will of one woman has changed the lives of countless more.

Volunteers along with Pillay still dedicated their time to making the world a better place every week one warm bowl of biryani at a time.

The team.

They are always welcoming the below donations:

  • Mielie Meal – 30kg per month
  • Peanut Butter – 4kg per month
  • Margarine – 15 x 500g
  • Rice 120kg per month
  • Oil – 8L per month
  • Juices – 16 x 5l Cordials per month
  • 1600 disposable plates/polyfoam Tubs/Trays or similar – per month
  • 500 x 250ml polyfoam cups or similar
  • Bananas /Oranges 500 pieces per week
  • Bread 200 loaves per month