Cargo Carriers helps bridge the growing apprenticeship chasm

cargo carriers

Technical training for a tip-top fleet.

Cargo Carriers, a leading South African supply-chain solutions specialist, is playing a key role in assisting the South African road freight logistics sector develop the skills it needs to ensure a sustainable future.

This focus includes developing the technical acumen that is needed at the “coal face” to ensure the continued safe and efficient delivery of fuels and chemicals, in addition to steel and powder products on behalf of the company’s industrial customers.

A significant focus for the company is developing a robust pipeline of technical skills to service and maintain its large fleet of commercial vehicles that are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.

The company is known for the high quality of its apprenticeship programmes, which remain the missing link in a skills-development system that was previously the primary responsibility of various state-owned entities.

Six new diesel mechanic apprentices were inducted in 2019 – one being Cargo Carriers’ first female learner; four apprentices are in their third year and five busy with their fourth-year qualification.

By aligning theoretical and practical learning, they have proved to be an extremely effective means of transferring skills from one generation to the next.

Moreover, these programmes have been designed to improve mastery and acquaint apprentices with the challenges that arise in the workplace to cultivate critical thinking skills in ways that are impossible in a conventional classroom environment.

These high-level technical skills and capabilities have enabled Cargo Carriers to operate a world-class fleet that continues to cover millions of kilometres, while maintaining an impressive track record in both safety and environmental performance.

Notably, an immaculately maintained fleet has also supported the company’s continued focus on fuel efficiency, reducing costs in supply chains to provide customers operating in various industrial segments with a strategic competitive edge during a challenging economic environment.

Cargo Carriers will continue developing the human capital it needs to remain at the forefront of South Africa’s road-freight logistics industry!