Ceramic sliding disc valve

Ceramic sliding valve

THE SDL sliding disc valve from SAMSON CERA SYSTEM is a gate valve with a ceramic interior. Ceramic valves are used for highly abrasive and / or corrosive media.

Ceramic discs

The operation of this valve is based on three floating ceramic discs that seal against each other. The middle disc – the closing part – moves between the two outer static discs. Opening and closing is done by the vertical movement of the middle disc.

Long service life

The valve is designed for extreme process conditions, abrasive and / or erosive medium, whereby the ceramic interior ensures a long service life. The connections are standard with internal thread. Other connection variants are possible.

Product features

• Valve dimensions: DN 15 to DN 32
• Pressure: PN 40
• Temperature range: -10 ° to + 250 ° C
• The internal parts are resistant to wear and cavitation
• Gas-tight seal in both flow directions (leakage class VI)
• Small face -face dimensions (56mm)

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