Chery CVT25 wins transmissions accolade

Chery CVT25

THE results of the 4th “Lopal Cup Top 10 Transmissions in the World” have placed the Chery CVT25 as the winner of the title of “Top 10 Transmissions in the World”.

Winning features of the CVT25 include transmission ratio range, transmission efficiency, light weight, vibration and noise and vibration. This transmission integrates a series of advanced technologies such as independent hydraulic system, Bosch new-generation pushbelt, high-efficiency vane pump with flow control, and low viscosity oil, providing the judges with excellent performance in terms of reliability, fuel consumption, dynamic response and NVH performance.

As for detailed parameters, CVT25 can withstand a maximum torque of 250 Nm – ideal for 1.5T or even 1.6T models. The speed ratio reaches 7.07, which means the selection range of r/min gets larger to achieve better fuel economy and improve the acceleration performance. A transmission efficiency as high as 97% minimizes power consumption, results in improved fuel consumption.

This transmission is found in many Chery models such as Tiggo 8 PRO and Tiggo 7 PRO among others.

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