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Child of family that surrendered dog, promised to re-adopt when she grew up

There is great importance bestowed on a promise; it is a verbal commitment to something and should be taken seriously, that is precisely what this young lady did for her dog.

A beautiful story about a promise kept is warming the hearts of animal lovers across South Africa. Growing up with a family pet is such a blessing, but often, decisions about the pet come down to the parents and not the children.

This was the case for Trompie, a beloved family pet who sadly got surrendered four years ago due to unforeseen circumstances. The family had no other option which left the young lady who cared for him, devastated.

She often visited Trompie at the Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre, where he was up for adoption. She promised to adopt him herself when she was finished with her studies and had her own home with a garden. He spent the next four years waiting to be adopted, watching other animals come and go from the shelter.

“Trompie a GSD X was definitely a character and a half…he caused us a few moments of running around the kennels especially in the morning when we arrived and he miraculously opened his kennel through the night!
Getting him back to the kennel was one where it literally took a minimum of 2 staff members and a lot of patience because he quickly realized that it could be a fun game for him!”

The young lady got herself settled and set off to the shelter to go and adopt Trompie. When she arrived and expressed her wish, the staff just about burst with excitement. They were so happy that she kept her promise and that Trompie would finally be going home.

“This promise took 4 years…but seeing the owner and Trompie yesterday when they sat together one could see the love between them. Trompie acted like a sweet and innocent boy who just got told that he may get any treats he wanted!

They say that a picture says a 1000 words…one look at this photo of Trompie and his owner is one filled with unconditional love and joy! He walked out of the office with a wagging tail and a happy face to live the remainder of his life with his best friend!

We sometimes wonder why some animals have to wait so long before they get adopted but in this case we totally understand why! To his owner, thank you for your dedication and for not breaking a promise; we know that you both will have years of tail wags and sloppy kisses!!!”

This is such a beautiful story of love; the young woman has brought joy not only to Trompie but to all those who hear and read the story. Our hearts feel so full!

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