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City clamps down on Illegal dumping

The City of Cape Town spends almost R380-million yearly to eradicate illegal dumping yet the issue persists. They are now planning to issue heavy fines for people caught illegally disposing of their litter.

Within the first six months of the lockdown, the City issued 286 fines and impounded 24 vehicles for illegal dumping. Many communities have become health hazards as they turned into illegal dumping grounds.

“Cleaning up dumping and littering costs the City R380-million a year. This is money which we could use for much more positive purposes than cleaning up after inconsiderate and irresponsible people. It is not feasible to spend more and more budget on cleaning, if people simply litter to the extent that cleaning needs to be done every other day. There will have to be a behavioural change and that involves awareness, education and enforcement,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

“The work done by our enforcement officers to bring those who dump illegally to book, shows a commitment to protect the rights of residents to stay in a clean and safe environment. Working closely with other City departments, these officers also protect the built and natural environment as dumping has a serious and long lasting effect on the environment. Dumping could also contaminate surface and underground water, as well as damaging City infrastructure.”

Under the city’s Anti-littering and Dumping campaign, first-time offenders will be charged upwards of R8700 for contravening the city’s regulations. Second offenders are charged R11 700 and those found guilty a third time will be fined R17 400.

The above fees exclude the fine of R5 000 for illegal dumping. The person caught dumping must pay both the fine and impoundment fee and submit both receipts to the pound in order for the vehicle to be released.

Residents are requested to report any dumping by phoning 021 487 4800 from a landline and 107 from a cell phone.

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