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City prioritises public transport, road maintenance to drive urban regeneration in next financial year

The City of Cape Town’s Executive Mayor, Alderman Dan Plato, emphasised that public transport infrastructure and maintenance of Cape Town’s road network remain the top spending priorities for the Transport Directorate for the next financial year. Last week, the annual budget for the 2021/22 financial year was approved by a full sitting of Council.

The Transport Directorate’s budget for the new financial year starting 1 July 2021 amounts to R7,5 billion with R2,2 billion budgeted for capital projects and R5,3 billion for operations.

A key priority is the roll-out of Phase 2A of the MyCiTi bus service to Mitchells Plain, Khayelitsha, Claremont and Wynberg. Up to R7,1 billion is being spent over a period of seven years to provide commuters from 30 communities with a bus service that is affordable, safe, and reliable.

How Cape Town’s local economy and residents stand to benefit from public investment in Phase 2A:

  • It is estimated that through the construction of the infrastructure alone, such as new roads, stations, and stops, up to 7 206 job opportunities will be created over the seven-year period
  • Once fully operational, up to 800 people will be permanently employed to keep the service running
  • Commercial activities along the main routes could provide a further 350 permanent job opportunities to local residents
  • The new road infrastructure will also assist to alleviate traffic congestion in the areas where the MyCiTi service is rolled out

‘One cannot underestimate the significant contribution the roll-out of Phase 2A of the MyCiTi bus service will make to Cape Town’s economic recovery during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Phase 2A is a massive undertaking by the City to bring affordable public transport closer to those who need it most. Many temporary work opportunities are created where construction and road upgrades are under way, and local businesses also stand to benefit from subcontracting their goods and services. The routes will connect about 30 communities along the way and will significantly improve access to opportunities and amenities. The City’s investment will also greatly assist with urban regeneration of the areas where the routes and stations will be constructed, and we hope to see private investment and developments following over time,’ said the City’s Executive Mayor, Alderman Dan Plato.

Some of the major capital projects planned for the new financial year are:

  • Infrastructure related to the roll-out of Phase 2A of the MyCiTi bus service – R1,4 billion
  • Infrastructure related to public transport interchanges for buses and minibus-taxis – R163 million
  • Rehabilitation of roads across Cape Town – R140 million
  • Facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, and the improvement of universal access – R88 million
  • Projects to relieve traffic congestion – R87 million
  • Reconstruction of roads – R23 million

The operating budget constitutes 71% of the directorate’s overall budget for the year, with priorities being:

  • maintenance of stormwater and road infrastructure, public transport interchanges and traffic signals – R793 million
  • security at public transport interchanges – R101 million
  • the MyCiTi bus service – R573 million
  • the Dial-A-Ride service for commuters with special needs – R28 million

‘We are all aware of the impact of Covid-19 on South Africa’s economy and the City is concerned about further budget cuts by the National Treasury as a result. All-in-all, Cape Town’s road network, valued at R146 billion, covers a distance of 10 420 km. Regular ongoing road maintenance is crucial to prolong the longevity of the network so that people and goods can reach their destinations and assist with building our local economy. I want to assure residents that we are trying our best to achieve more with less resources, and to keep on improving our roads across the city,’ said Mayor Plato.

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