Cleaning components for OEMs

Cleaning components for OEMs

IDENTIFYING needs within its customer base and addressing these sets Metric Automotive Engineering apart in the diesel engine component remanufacturing sector. The company recently announced it now offers a cleaning service to OEMS for diesel engine components.

“We found that few OEMs have the equipment, resources or time to adequately clean components to the correct level of cleanliness required. This prompted us to offer this service to our customers,” says Andrew Yorke, operations director of Metric Automotive Engineering.

Cleanliness of diesel engine components cannot be underestimated prior to assessing the components for repair or remanufacturing work. Yorke says it is critical components are cleaned to a certain specified level of cleanliness to facilitate accurate inspections to be done.

“By offering this ancillary service we will remove some of the frustration from OEMS, while at the same time drive up efficiencies in the diesel engine component remanufacturing sector,” he says.

Metric Automotive Engineering has a long and impressive track record remanufacturing heavy diesel engine components across a host of industries. The company offers services which include cylinder head remanufacture, cylinder block line boring, milling, honing and boring, camshaft grinding, crankshaft grinding, engine assembly and dynamometer testing.