Compressor air leaks = lost money


CONTRARY to what some companies or employees think, compressed air is not free. Compressed air leaks are a direct source of wasted energy and increase the running time of the air compressor thus using more power than required. Air leaks can cause pneumatic equipment to function less efficiently and pressure drops can shorten the life of equipment.

When air leaks go unchecked for a long period of time it can lead to higher than normal electricity bills, additional maintenance, unnecessary or unscheduled production downtime or even shutdowns.

The combination of the high energy usage and reduced lifespan of the equipment can negatively affect business profitability.

Even after fixing the leaks and correcting the system pressure, the air compressor may be too large for the application, causing the compressor to cycle more frequently or partially loading more often and running inefficiently. This still has an effect of a higher electricity bill.

This mismatch between demand and application in multiple compressor installations could mean turning off some compressors or even purchasing a lower duty compressor. A variable speed compressor can adjust to meet demand without wasting energy by partial loading.

Rotovane offer a plant assessment or air audit, the cost of which will be deducted from the new price should the plant be upgraded to an energy efficient Mattei Compressor.
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