Customer training ensures equipment longevity

Customer training ensures equipment longevity

WERNER PUMPS SA, a specialist in high-pressure jetting equipment, has launched a programme to train its customers and their equipment operators on using the Werner Pumps trucks.

“We’ve always tried to help our customers to protect their investment in our jetting and vacuuming trucks by giving them advice on proper use and care of their equipment,” says Werner Pumps MD, Sebastian Werner. “Now we’ve formalised that into a training programme that we will make available free of charge (the first time) to existing and new customers. Refresher training is also available if required.”

The training takes place at the Werner Pumps offices and is available to any customer who has purchased a Werner Pumps truck unit or trailer unit. Customers are invited to send their truck operators and assistants for a one-day training session that focuses on understanding the vehicle, its controls, how to operate it and general care and maintenance.

“Every participant receives a training manual and a certificate of completion after going through the training,” says Werner. “The idea is that if we teach the operators to use the equipment correctly, and to take care of it, it will help customers avoid any damage to the vehicle and ensure they don’t incur unnecessary repair costs or end up with down time. By doing the regular checks we recommend and using the truck as it’s designed to be used, operators keep the equipment in top condition, which means it operates efficiently and optimally.”

The training covers:

  • High pressure jetting operation
  • Hose reel operation
  • Small hose reel operation
  • Vacuum operation
  • Using vacuum as blower
  • Suction operation
  • Boom operation
  • Dump operation
  • Cyclone discharge
  • Rear door operation
  • Daily / weekly checks
  • General maintenance and upkeep

Aside from the training, Werner Pumps will send one of its own highly experienced operators out on the first job a customer undertakes with their new equipment to assist the customer’s own operator with on-the-job training and advice.

“We understand that our customers are investing large sums of money on the equipment we manufacture for them, and we want to help them to ensure that investment is protected as best we can,” concludes Werner.

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