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Dubey & Schaldenbrand Watches

Traditional, Swiss made, and utterly luxurious, the watches manufactured by Dubey & Schalenbrand, are the perfect addition to any collection and suitable for all sorts of occasions, from business meetings to social gatherings. Authentic Dubey & Schaldenbrand watches are available both new and pre-owned, with both varieties being a superb example of Swiss craftsmanship.

The company was founded by Georges Dubey in Switzerland in 1946 making them one of the youngest watch manufactures when compared to other Swiss based companies. From a young age, Georges was inspired by watchmaking and his interest in this field of production led to him becoming one of the most talented artisans of his time.

His dedication to perfection meant he could raise himself to the position of master watchmaker within a matter of a few short years and would continue on to become a professor at the La Chaux-de-Fonds, whose institute, The Technicum, is famous for teaching some of the best watchmakers on the planet.

But teaching was not enough for him as Dubey had the desire to create his own gorgeous selection of timepieces that were to be as attractive as they are affordable. It didn’t take long for his dreams to come to life, as Dubey & Schaldenbrand was launched not too long afterwards.

Partnering up with Rene Schaldenbrand, a well-known figure in the watch making world, Dubey & Schaldenbrand would make hundreds of pieces within the first year of the business being open. The duo would also be both inventors and pioneers in their field, when they manufactured the spilt second chronograph.

Dubey was responsible for making a few tweaks to the Landeron base movement in an effort to make a spilt second chronograph an affordable option for the already competitive market. To do this, he had to modify the part of the complication which was hidden beneath the dial making the second hand lack the power necessary to give it support. By adding a spiral between the chronograph hands, the watch would have the power it required.

The watches featured in the collection have a heavy Art-Deco inspired theme and to this day the company takes an avant-garde approach to the way they make their watches, especially in terms of the mechanical movements. And although the watchmakers have an avant-garde approach to their watches, they are equally committed to making sure that their watches remain a testament to tradition and are still very much developed in a manner similar to the watchmakers of the past.

By 1995, the company’s watches were so well respected that some of them were re-cased and re-launched to the public.

The Dubey & Schaldenbrand Collections

Currently, the brand boasts two stunning collections; the 21st Century Collection and the Heritage Collection. Both consist of luxury watches, made from the very finest materials, in designs that are simply timeless. Each piece is an ode to watchmaking mastery and those who own one of these timepieces will treasure them forever.

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