Easy to use chemical anchoring solution for contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike

Den Braven

DEN BRAVEN Fix-O-Chem is a two component resin chemical anchoring system for very fast secure fixing of, amongst others, bolts, threaded rods, steel bars, prop base and screws into masonry, concrete, rock and stone. Fix-O-Chem is immediately ready for use and has a high bond strength allowing it to be used for industrial fixing. Fix-O-Chem has good thermal and mechanical properties with very low shrinkage (due to hardening) and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its thixotropic state allows it to be used for vertical and horizontal fixing applications.

Fix-O-Chem is perfect for fixing balustrades, safety barriers, window frames, roller blinds, banisters and hinges  and for fixing down dynamic machinery in factories, base plates, securing distribution boards and a multitude of other applications.

Use Fix-O-Chem instead of plugs or expansion anchors to offer longer lasting secure fixings. It can be used on the edge of substrates as, unlike expansion anchors, it does not have any pressure build up.

Fix-O-Chem is supplied in a cartridge, complete with a self-mix nozzle for convenience, and can be applied with a standard cartridge applicator.

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