Electronic monitoring and timing devices

ElectroDev timing devices facilitate easy timing and control functions on machines.

A comprehensive range of electronic monitoring and timing devices in different formats for ease of use and retrofit purposes is available from ElectroMechanica (EM). The ElectroDev units are suited to all industrial applications where parameter monitoring is essential for the wellbeing of plant and machinery.

The timing devices, on the other hand, are machine devices to facilitate easy timing and control functions, according to EM Product Manager Jaap Grobler. He adds that ElectroDev is a key supplier, and has enjoyed a two-decade-long business relationship with EM to date.

“The most popular products in the ElectroDev line-up are its voltage- and phase-monitoring devices to protect plant and machinery. Of course, the timing devices are very popular as well due to their versatility and simplistic programming methods,” Grobler highlights. In addition, all products and applications are supported by EM’s countrywide network of offices and sales and technical personnel.

He ascribes the success of the ElectroDev product range to the combination of EM’s large stockholding to meet all requirements, and the quality of the products themselves. Another key factor of its success is the extensive range. As an example, products are available in a DIN rail mounting format, with or without display, and a 11-pin plug-in mounting format.

“ElectroDev fits in perfectly with our complementary products needed to complete plant and machine installations,” Grobler elaborates. A number of new exciting launches are on the cards, pending an official announcement from EM, he concludes.